Common Grounds Gathering January 20

January 20 Gathering

Common Grounds Gathering:
January 20, 2019

About 50 people gathered in The Lodge of the Fisherman on Boonsboro Rd. for this first edition of the Common Grounds Gathering. The featured presentation was a presentation and Q&A with Own Cardwell and Carl Hutcherson. The night also provided an open mic for poets, singers, and rappers. Some of those presentations can be heard on this page.

Common Grounds Gathering

Featured Audio: Owen Cardwell and Carl Hutcherson, Jr.

Rev. Dr. Owen Cardwell (seen at left) was one of the two students to desegregate E. C. Glass High School in Lynchburg in 1962. Rev. Carl Hutcherson was the first Black teacher at E. C. Glass. These two men have been major figures in the flow of racial history in the City of Lynchburg. Here, they their part in that history, and focus on education as a most significant factor in both the past and the future.

Joey Hammonds

LaCroy Nixon (aka Atlas)

Spoken word: “First Time”

Evan Sizemore

Poem on the relationship of adults and children.

Czar Josh

Rap: “EyesOnThaPrize” and “Black Boy Joy”

Foxy Leone

Foxy Leone

Spoken Word

JDM & Sheena

Foxy Leone

Foxy Leone (returns)



Vicente Gonzalez

Vicente Gonzalez

Thoughts and Song