Covenant and Community Members Meeting

January 2, 2018 @ 6:30 pm
The Lodge of the Fishermen
4415 Boonsboro Rd
Lynchburg, VA 24503

From Mike Buhler:

Dear Community,

I write because I have something very exciting to share with you. Let me start with a little background.

As you know our church is structured so that our Covenant Members have the ultimate responsibility for the leadership of our church community. This group meets once a month. It spends the vast majority of its time conducting the very important business of running our Church. Issues are brought before them and discussed, motions are made, votes are taken, and decisions are made. Community Members are invited to attend and often contribute vitally to the discussions that take place. Only Covenant Members participate in the voting and final decision making process. Each meeting runs two hours or more. During that time, our group has found scant time to devote to our spiritual journey as a community. Occasionally this has been dealt with by having special meetings to discuss matters of import. We have been searching for some time now to find a way to address this imbalance.

At our most recent Covenant Members meeting, the decision was made to have regularly scheduled Covenant Members meetings dedicated to our spiritual journey. To put it in terms we’re all familiar with, you might say that our traditional meetings have been “outward journey” meetings while our new meetings focused on our spiritual journey will be our “inward journey” meetings. We believe this decision will enable us to experience inward outward balance as a community, allow us to focus on the enhancement of our spiritual experience together, and create and sustain momentum in our personal and collective journey inwards.

As a Covenant Member, I have been asked and have agreed to take the responsibility for conducting this first meeting. That meeting will take place in January 2 at 6:30pm at the Lodge of the Fishermen. We invite you to join us. We would benefit greatly from your participation and wisdom as we embark on this new phase of our journey together. Our agenda is taking shape and we expect to have an exciting and worthwhile meeting. It should be a great way to ring in the New Year and get things off to a rolling start.

Blessings upon you and your loved ones in the year ahead.

– Mike