Music from the Church of the Covenant Community

  • Morning Song (David Edwards)
  • Psalm 90 (David Edwards) 
  • Alleluia (David Edwards) 
  • Ask, Seek, Knock (Thom Field)
  • I Will Praise God as Long as I Live (Psalm 104) (David Edwards)
  • Anyone Who Is in Christ (David Edwards) 
  • See in This Bread (David Edwards) 
  • Filled with the Spirit (Thom Field) 
  • Community of Christ (David Edwards) 
  • I Feel the Winds of God Today (traditional) 
  • Where Can I Go from Your Spirit (Psalm 139) (David Edwards)
  • Psalm 30 (Tears Flowing Through the Night) (David Edwards) 
  • In Peace I Lie Down and Sleep (Psalm 4) (David Edwards)