Remembering Barbara Holdren

We are grateful for the life of Barbara Holdren, a life well lived. Barbara died on Sunday morning, April 30, 2017, after years of declining health. Her last year was lived in the home of Sandra Beatty in Forest – a small care home, where Sandra and several caregivers cared for Barbara and two others, one of whom is the father of Glenn Sullivan, Barbara’s son-in-law.

Barbara and her husband BeBee moved from Roanoke to Lynchburg, following the move of P. G. Cosby III and his family, when P. G. assumed the mantle of Executive Director of Lynchburg Covenant Fellowship in 1967. Barbara and BeBee and their four children, Steve, Linda, Mike, and Jeff first explored our community by camping in the woods on weekends. When the decision was made, they undertook a big transition and settled right into our little community and stayed.

BeBee died in the late 1990’s of multiple sclerosis and Linda died of cancer in 2013. Jeff has lived for some years at Heartland Care Facility, suffering from multiple sclerosis, although there are few facts to support that the disease is genetic. Barbara is survived by Steve, Mike and Jeff, Glenn Sullivan, three grandchildren: Jasmine (Steve’s daughter), Matt and Noah (Glenn’s and Linda’s sons), her sister Sandra Craft of Roanoke, and Jeff’s dear friend Sarah Sutherland.

After a career with administration in the Roanoke area Girl Scouts, Barbara was Director of New Land Jobs, a mission of the Church of the Covenant, which directly evolved from The Wood Ministry. New Land Jobs matched men and women in need with good jobs and the training they needed to succeed in those jobs.

Barbara was a Covenant Member of the Church of the Covenant for many years. We will miss her indeed. We do not yet have information regarding a service for Barbara, but we will keep you informed.

– Dolly Cardwell

Barbara Holdren was born on November 15, 1931 and passed away on Sunday, April 30, 2017.