Searching for Solitude …

– Mike Buhler  

Searching for solitude..a place where the sun is able to squeeze through the vestiges of summer..deep in our backyard playground..a patch of light creates a glowing invitation..a bridge crosses over to a place of security..the faint sound of children’s laughter dances around this hall..nature has begun to churn order into inclination to alter it’s course gives way to the realization that I am in the presence of perfection..I am the order I seek..God’s order permeates my being..there is no controlling what is..I challenge myself to be comfortable amidst the disarray..maybe for the first time..the sunlight intensifies bringing warmth and joy to my experience..I am serenaded by a symphony of sounds hosted by the day..a tiny announcement of change in seasons flutters before my pencil..the intensity of its simple beauty overwhelming the white background on which I spirit asks for peace and I close my eyes..quiet..such a gift..I hear leaves gently dropping to the forest floor around me..I open my eyes to see a multitude of magic carpets randomly coursing their way to a new beginning..I close my eyes and listen..I am unable to distinguish the sound of the leaves descent from that of soft rain drops..both fall that life may be renewed..this thought harmonizes with my experience of Christ in the recesses of a busy mind..quiet I say..balance your sensory your collective senses to the gift of the present..receive the gift of life through your

(written during the church’s annual silent re-commitment retreat October 6, 2012)