Songs for the Journey

This is the cover of the songbook, “Songs for the Journey.” All songs are written by David Edwards and Thom Field.

Worship at Church of the Covenant often includes singing from Songs for the Journey, a book of hymns by David L. Edwards and Thom Field. The book and the CD recording are available for $10 each by sending a check to the church at 4415 Boonsboro Rd., Lynchburg VA 24503. Specify which you want, or $20 for both.

On the CD Samples page, you can hear part of the recording of many of these songs, from a session in Lodge of the Fishermen in 2007.

Sample pages from the Songbook:

List of songs

Alleluia and Touching Silence

See in This Bread

Psalm 63:1-8

See the David L. Edwards Music Website for CDs of music written by David L. Edwards, and new church music available at no cost for your use.