The Haven Mission Group Statement

In order to provide an alcohol and drug free residential environment for men and women in recovery from addiction, we, the members of The Haven Mission Group, feel the call of God to commit ourselves to bring into being a replication of The Healing Place, a best-practices model successfully implemented in other cities, to include a recovery program, as well as long-term supportive housing. Out of gratitude for this God-given vision, as followers of Jesus Christ, we eagerly desire to bind ourselves together in a mutual structure of discipline and a covenant of accountability, which we believe will guide and empower us by God’s grace to implement this vision.

We therefore agree together to embrace both the inward journey and the outward journey of our Biblically-rooted Christian faith through the following disciplines. Each of us will:

  1. Use The Handbook for Churches and Mission Groups as the basic guide to structure our individual and corporate life together.
  2. Set aside each day a time of prayer and meditation to include, but not limited to, intercessions on behalf of the homeless or our nation, the members of our mission group, and the future staff and residents of The Healing Place.
  3. Work with the scriptures each day as a source of guidance, inspiration, and insight, with particular reference to passages relating to the poor, oppressed, and marginalized of society.
  4. Participate in our regular mission group meetings each week at a mutually-agreeable time and place.
  5. Participate in corporate worship each week with the church or faith community to which we each belong.
  6. Make available a portion of our material resources for the implementation and sustaining of this mission directly to The Haven or through the church or faith community to which we belong.
  7. Offer our personal gifts and abilities as needed for this work of compassion, reconciliation, and healing through The Haven.
  8. Come to know, be a friend to, and advocate for at least one person who is in recovery who needs our understanding, support, and prayers and who, in turn, will be our teacher in reverse mission.
  9. Be accuntable to the members of the mission group with regard to our spiritual journey and our exercising of any part of the mission or the disciplines of this covenant, and to verbally share in a  mission group meeting once a month, in fifteen minutes or less, where we are in our journeys.
  10. Participate as a mission group in a weekend silent retreat once a year, as we are able.
  11. Prayerfully re-examine our call to this mission group at the beginning of each year, and if so guided, to recommit ourselves to this covenant for another year with others who are also led to do so.

May 2011