The Journey

“The Journey”


The Church of the Covenant is built on the concepts of covenant and commitment, with a tradition of outward service strengthened by an inward journey. There are no committees at Church of the Covenant; all work is done through mission groups. There are two forms of membership in the church. You can learn about this and much more by reading the booklets listed on this page.

The Church of the Covenant is a community of persons responding to God’s call in Jesus Christ to live our lives as a journey of faith. We commit ourselves to the inward journey of prayer, meditation, silence, reflection, and study so that we continue to grow in God’s love and guidance. We commit ourselves to the outward journey as our response to God’s call to use our gifts in the service of the church community and the world.

Our work is carried out through mission groups that form around a call to a particular vision for ministry. Mission groups meet regularly for the group inward journey of worship, prayer, and spiritual sharing, and the outward journey of the work of the mission.

Community and Covenant members comprise the official membership of the church, making commitments to specific spiritual disciplines or practices that nurture the inward and outward dimensions of the life of faith.

We are an Open and Affirming congregation of the United Church of Christ and the Disciples of Christ, welcoming persons regardless of race, culture, age, gender, sexual orientation, ability, and economic status.

For a deeper understanding, see these resources:

The Journey of a Lifetime…  This 4 page flyer is a brief explanation of the way our community is structured.
The Journey of a Lifetime, Life and Ministry in the Church of the Covenant Community  This is a 32 page handbook for those who want to know more about the community and the ways in which it works to minister to individuals and the community.