Join us for worship on Sunday mornings at 11am. Meeting in our church house since 1954, we are a community called to experience our lives as a journey of faith.

About Church of the Covenant

Church of the Covenant is structured with mission groups, not committees. Faith is expressed inwardly by meditation, prayer, and study; and outwardly by service to the community.

A church house, a lodge, cottages, and more than 40 wooded acres with a lake are the context for worship, mission, music, and fellowship. The Chrysalis Interfaith Retreat Center and Camp Kum-Ba-Yah also make use of the buildings and grounds.

Many service agencies and organizations in the Lynchburg area are outgrowths of the Mission Groups of the Church of the Covenant, results of the journey of faith.

The Covenant Commitment

We commit ourselves to the inward journey of prayer, meditation, silence, reflection, and study so that we continue to grow in God’s love and guidance. We commit ourselves to the outward journey as our response to God’s call to use our gifts in the service of the church community and the world. Learn More

Open and Affirming

We are an Open and Affirming congregation of the United Church of Christ and the Disciples of Christ, welcoming persons regardless of race, culture, age, gender, sexual orientation, ability, and economic status.

Original Music

Hear some of the original music of the Church of the Covenant Community Listen

Our Search for New Leadership

A discernment process is underway regarding our future leadership needs. Learn More


Common Grounds Café

Open Friday mornings 8am to 11:30am.

For info, photos, and the menu, go to the  Café Page

Myths to Live By

Women’s Study Group

Based on Myths to Live By, by Joseph Campbell
Wednesdays, May 11 to June 8, 10:30am – noon in the Lodge of the Fisherman

Christina Cosby Internship

On the recommendation of the Transition Team to Covenant Members, Christina Cosby, grand-niece of P. G. Cosby, has been called to serve an internship with the Church of the Covenant for ten weeks this summer. Christina is a third-year divinity student at Princeton Seminary and her parents live in Lynchburg. We look forward to having Christina with us. 

Today’s inward / outward

The empires of the world, as Napoleon said in a moment of candor, depend on force. They have come and gone; and the ones that now exist will follow in their turn. They make fear and death their weapons, and they themselves die when the fear they have generated turns into violent rebellion. Jesus, at his ascension, was given by the creator God an empire built on love. As we ourselves open our lives to the warmth of that love, we begin to lose our fear; and as we begin to lose our fear, we begin to become people through whom the power of that love can flow out into the world around that so badly needs it…. And as the power of that love replaces the love of power, so in a measure, anticipating the last great day, God's kingdom comes, and God's will is done, on earth as [...]
Tue, May 03, 2016
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