Historical Documents

Many historical materials are available here, from audio of sermons of particular significance, to historical narrative, to a perspective on the church, to photos, to a listing of books that inform the mission and structure of the church.

Here are links to some of the print and Internet materials:

  • The Story and Mission of Church of the Covenant, by Dolly Cardwell, April 3, 2013  Button: Learn More
  •  In 2008, Disciples World magazine printed a look at the history and essence of the Church of the Covenant.  (No Longer Available)
  • The first worship service, October 3, 1954, as seen in The News  Button: Learn More
  •  The Summer of 1961, pool open to all races –  News & Advance, August 9, 2010  Button: Learn More
  •  The Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. at Lodge of the Fishermen in 1962 – from TV station WSLS, January 22, 2008  Button: Learn More
  •  Learn about “Pantops” – the parsonage  Button: Learn More
  •   60th Anniversary of Camp Kum-Ba-Yah & Lynchburg Christian Fellowship – News & Advance, October 11, 2010  Button: Learn More